One of the challenges facing the church is the lack of visionary leadership. Those with a clear vision often find it difficult to untangle all the complex issues associating with building a ministry. This training can help church leaders to develop leadership skills needed to build a mega church.
This course will help to equip Pastors on how they can balance their roles as pastor/father, a husband and a church without allowing one other to negatively impact on the other. Pastor will be equipped with tools on how to build a very united family based church.
Youth and Children Ministry
The sustainable future of any church is the function of the spiritual stability of the youth and children. In the course, pastor will be exposed to different ways of attaining a steady and vibrant growth of the youth and children ministry.
Financial management
Prudent Financial management which involves accountability and transparency is very essential for Pastors. In this course, Pastor will be equipped with different revenue generating and management tools. Financial growth of a church is very essential in a sustaining a very robust ministry.
Evangelism is the life wire of the church. It is the only way to achieve the great commission given to the church by Christ to “go ye into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature”, Mark 16:15-16. In this contemporary age, pastors need to be familiarized themselves with different type of modern tools of evangelism which they can easily adopt to win souls for Christ and to retain them
Church growth
Church growth is divided into two major aspects | (1) Physical | (2) Spiritual Often a pastor will pay more attention on one over the other. In this course, Pastor will be exposed to different ways of balancing the physical and spiritual growth of their membership. The course will also expose them on various methods towards achieving a sustainable church growth.
Crisis Management
One common thing that establishment in most modern churches is the lack of the crisis of a veritable effective and efficient management process based on the scripture. This course, Pastors will be exposed to various methods of handling crisis among their members and also as it relates to other church organization.
Personal development and effectiveness
This course will reveal to the pastor the importance of constantly upgrading themselves through study and training in order to meet up with in-depth knowledge of the bible and its application. There is always the need for men of God to set themselves apart to study and reform themselves through training and personal exposure to various materials in order to broaden their knowledge and effectiveness. 2 Timothy 2.15
Women in ministry
his course will help to buttress the fact that women are called into the ministry just like their men counterparts. God is not gender biased. He uses whoever makes him or her available. This Course will look into the actual role of women in ministry challenges they face in balancing them with their roles as wife and mother.
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